Getting brochures and direct marketing right… it’s also about the offer!

August 30, 2011

We’ve been involved with writing brochures and direct marketing materials for a few clients recently, for them to use to grow their own customer bases. This is all well and good – in fact, it’s a very effective method, but we’re reminded again and again that, as well as strong, well-written copy, it’s important to […]

Get your Mar-Comms (brand voice) expert on your social media

August 18, 2011

Everyone nowadays wants a slice of the social media pie. And it’s true that, at least on a functional level, most people can do it. Even your twelve year old neighbour is likely to be extremely well-versed in the art of Facebook et al. But just because they CAN do it, doesn’t mean they should. […]

Things to think about with your website copy

August 12, 2011

Evaluating or editing your website copy is a good thing to do periodically, particularly after a re-brand or following any revisions to your strategic plan. Here are a few pointers for things to look at and work on whether you are revisiting your web copy or doing a website for the first time. Make sure […]

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