Happy holidays – from Intelligent Ink!

December 22, 2011

From all of the team at Intelligent Ink, we wanted to wish you a wonderful Christmas break with friends and family – and a happy, relaxed start to the New Year. 2011 has been an eventful one and we’ve loved helping all of our fantastic clients to have truly ‘Intelligent Ink’. We wanted to take […]

What people are doing online

December 15, 2011

As we slide closer to the holiday ‘silly season’, take a look at this cool infographic that’s been put together to depict how people are spending their time online…

Context and credibility: the magic ingredients

December 8, 2011

AIDA, or Attention, Interest, Desire and Action is a classic copywriting formula, but it’s come to light more recently that it lacks a somewhat vital component. In some situations, it may very well still work, but in others, that missing ingredient is going to be a ‘dealbreaker’. And that missing ingredient is context. In a […]

No need to over-analyse

December 1, 2011

There are such a vast number of metrics now available with which to measure the effectiveness of your content, that is can be easy to get overwhelmed.  Speaking as someone who is into words and not overly smitten with numbers, it’s all about drilling down on what’s important and leaving what’s not, when it comes […]

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