The imaginary friend: a cunning, or crazy writing companion?

February 23, 2012

Most kids ditch their imaginary friends along with their security blankets. It’s considered a normal part of ‘growing up’. Not many of us consider that there could be a benefit to keeping those guys around. According to an agency in the States, these fictional characters, or ‘personas’ enable a deeper connection with your writing and […]

The periodic table of content

February 16, 2012

Content is made up of pieces. – and these pieces can be broken down into smaller pieces or combined into larger pieces, just like the elements on the Periodic Table. Orbit Media Studios has created a depiction of just that. Elements at the top of the chart are small and tend to have a shorter […]

Content marketing: a beginners guide

February 9, 2012

Content marketing provides free media-type content to customers in exchange for their attention, a very different value proposition to traditional advertising, as we will explore… With traditional ads, companies create content that breaks in on customers’ attention in the form of billboards, magazine ads, TV commercials, radio ads, etc. Each of these advertisements interrupts customers […]

You’re not as busy as you think you are!

February 2, 2012

Yep, I said it! But, hear me out… In many ways, I’m writing this post to myself as well. See how you feel. So often we equate “busy” with the need to be visible, to be needed and in line with that, with our sense of importance… We create so much content and share it because […]

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