Persuasion, persuasion, persuasion

March 29, 2012

Or something that rhymes with that? Either way, you want to create compelling content that encourages your readers to do what you want them to, so of course you are in the business of persuasion.  Typically, persuasion is a case of creating a win-win situation, presenting someone with a case that it is in their […]

What Glee can teach us about creating crazed fans

March 21, 2012

You would have to have been living under a rock to not have heard of Glee by now –it has millions of obsessive fans or “Gleeks” who buy all the available merchandise and never miss an episode. Now it’s time to consider how Glee’s secret formula for creating these crazed fans can work for you. […]

Start where you are today…

March 15, 2012

Focus is a typical issue facing creatives, or anyone in search of their life’s work. It doesn’t need to be such a battle though, because the problem is often based on one dangerous, false assumption – which is that you have to start big…   BIG mistake Every day, people pursuing their dreams make this […]

Take it seriously: attention is an economy

March 8, 2012

First, a stating of the obvious: attention from those interested and able to buy is worth more now than ever before. Companies like Google and Amazon traffic in attention – it’s their primary asset. That seems obvious, but then why are we so casual about it? Every interaction comes with a cost. Not in cash […]

Six Characteristics That Separate the Good from the Great Content Marketers

March 1, 2012

According to Joe Pulizzi, Head of the Content Marketing Institute. 1: The focused non-sales content mission People do not want to be constantly bombarded with sales material.  If you are in a competitive industry (which, lets face it – most of us are) try to find a super-niche way to attract your customers.  Create content […]

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