Unlocking your writing talent

June 27, 2012

There are all sorts of resources out there, that will claim to help you become a better writer… from technique lessons, cheat sheets and formulaic tools, to inspiration and endless, amazing role models. But these are all external helpers. There’s an invaluable asset when you turn inward and shut everything else off too. Here we […]

The 2nd most important element in copywriting

June 20, 2012

Want to write more compelling copy that guarantees it will get read? We already know that if nobody reads your headline, nobody reads your ad. This makes the headline the most important element of your persuasive copy. But, what next? You’ve already read it… The first sentence! Every ad, article, sales page, or blog post […]

Surprise and delight: Give your customers a story and make it about them

June 13, 2012

Earlier this week, a couple of the team went along to this fabulous seminar, hosted by Co7.com and Spikemail. Close to 80 people braved a very chilly morning to come and hear Chris Pescott, from Perceptive speak about ‘The simplest way to grow your business in 2012’. The answer, seems to be Word of Mouth […]

10 content marketing goals worth pursuing

June 6, 2012

Ever wonder why content marketing works so well for some businesses … and doesn’t seem to do anything for others? When it comes down to it, content is just content – even if it is entertaining, educational and contains the secret to world peace and fresh, minty breath, all rolled into one. It still has […]

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