Communicate for understanding

October 31, 2012

In the last while (say the last decade), there have been some fundamental changes in the way that we communicate; changes that help us get our point across in a way that others can understand it, like never before. One of these is the ability to link to further information. Now, if we’re worried that […]

The secret to content that sells

October 24, 2012

High-quality content is your most potent form of advertising. You may be advertising to attract more clients to a service business. You may be advertising a product. You may be advertising an idea. When you publish content, you want someone to do something and when you do it right, your audience takes that specific action. […]

That sense of achievement

October 17, 2012

There’s a sense of satisfaction that comes from reaching the end of a project, especially if it’s a really BIG project. I think it would suffice to say, the satisfaction remains in proportion to the project scale. Or sometimes it’s difficulty… Definitely tricky projects (however big or small) bring a sense of satisfaction when they […]

Sex, lies and the art of commanding attention

October 10, 2012

Okay, show of hands: Who wonders if their writing might be just a teensy bit boring? You’re likely not as boring as your high school math teacher but many of us do go off on tangents and have a tendency to get so wrapped up giving people valuable information that we forget to make it […]

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