Wordsmith Word Play

June 30, 2014

At Intelligent Ink, we like to call ourselves wordsmiths because we have a way with words. Imagine a blacksmith bent over a hot iron, pounding away until perfectly polished. Similarly, you can imagine us carefully crafting and smoothing out a story. What prevents our job from being tiresome is that we have a genuine interest […]

Is Magazine Ad Space Valuable?

June 17, 2014

There was a time when you didn’t get your news until the morning newspaper was delivered, and you bought magazines for their articles. That was back in the days when cellphones were brick-shaped and sneakers with suits were the height of fashion. But have those days long gone?   Well, luckily the fashions have changed, […]

The Little Bird That Got The World Talking

June 3, 2014

Twitter is a funny wee bird – it often gets overlooked in favour of Facebook when companies think about social media. It doesn’t help that we often hear about tweets in mainstream media because Justin Bieber has made a gaffe, or a celebrity break up has been announced through an angrily directed hashtag. But then […]

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