Making sense of Facebook’s new magazine

July 12, 2018

  Facebook has just launched its own magazine… What the? Isn’t print dead (and didn’t Facebook kill it?!)? Clearly not. This latest move by Facebook demonstrates the unique influence print wields, and what this means for digitally-led businesses in today’s society.   Print connects differently There’s something different about print. In their own words, Facebook’s […]

Thinking your way to the top: 5 ways to become a thought leader

June 28, 2018

Words matter. What you say to your customers, and about your company, has a bigger impact on your brand than anything else. The words you choose tell a story about who you are, how you interact with people ­and the world, and how you impact on your customers’ lives. Of course, preaching the same gospel […]

Finding your feet in today’s social media landscape

May 5, 2016

Our Wordsmith & Content Marketing Queen, Briar, has been doing her bit to expand our social media horizons lately – so she reports on what she’s learned from some recent events. It can be easy to downplay the importance of social media. It’s certainly something that a lot of people – in both personal and professional life – don’t […]

An age of sharing

April 6, 2016

It can often seem like social media is the modern day Big Brother, and that all of George Orwell’s nightmares are now rolled into one big, intangible (but very real!) multi-platform monster. But should you fear the monster? Or feed it? Sometimes, the best answer is both. Whatever channels you use to connect with your […]

The times they are a-changin’: News articles in the digital age

November 26, 2015

When we think “news article” the image our brains have traditionally conjured is that of the newspaper broadsheet, with text and the occasional photo arranged into columns down a vertical page. While the newspaper is still alive and kicking, there’s no denying that the digital age has had an impact on journalism. No longer confined […]

Findings from FINZ – Raising brand awareness and making the most of your communications

March 10, 2014

We were recently invited to speak at a FINZ (Fundraising Institute of New Zealand) luncheon to share our expertise on raising brand awareness and making the most of communications. We absolutely love working with not for profit organisations, so this was the perfect opportunity to help some NFPs with raising their profiles and meet some […]

Our take-outs from the Social Media Breakfast

May 15, 2013

Yesterday, the team attended Air New Zealand’s Social Media Breakfast, at the Langham Hotel. Following events with Randi Zuckerberg, former Marketing Director of Facebook and Teddy Goff, Digital Director for President Obama’s 2012 campaign, the third event in the series featured Guy Kawasaki, renowned author, ex Apple marketer and current advisor to Motorola. First up, […]

Are you tapping into the research value of your social media?

July 4, 2012

To tweet, or not to tweet – it’s a question that businesses ask us constantly (and likewise with Facebook, LinkedIn etc.) Engaging in social networking certainly uses up a bit of resource, so rightfully, companies want to know what they get in return for this and what their ROI will be. While we still maintain […]