Self-Insight for Success

February 23, 2017

Last Thursday afternoon Intelligent Inker Emma ventured out of the office to attend Professionelle’s interactive, half day “Self-Insight for Success” workshop. In this intensive workshop they delved deeply into how Self-insight plays a huge role in career success. At Professionelle they believe self-insight is the secret sauce of many successful women’s lives, positively impacting relationships, […]

The importance of storytelling for businesses

February 6, 2017

In 2016, Forbes referred to storytelling as the new strategic imperative of business. Here at Intelligent Ink, however, we don’t think it’s new at all. Ever since our inception we’ve known the absolute importance of telling stories. Just in case you’re still not convinced though, we’ve unpacked why we believe storytelling is so vitally important. […]

What I’ve learned in 2016 – Christina

December 21, 2016

Our fearless leader, Christina, discovered this year that starting a business has nothing on becoming a mum when it comes to life-changing events! While she’s been out of the office quite a bit more, she’s still been learning lots – and instead of telling other people’s stories, we’ve made her tell her own this time. […]

What I’ve learned in 2016 – Verity

As the longest standing Inker (aside from Christina, obviously), Verity took on a new challenge this year as General Manager. It’s proven a pretty interesting (and busy!) year, so she put together a few learnings for all aspects of life: Whoever said you should say yes to everything was a crazy person I’ve always been bad […]

What I’ve learned in 2016 – Jamie

December 20, 2016

Jamie’s been with us in the lead-up to Christmas, helping us get through the silly season and bringing her expert PR and writing skills to the table. She’s been a fab addition to the team – and has a pretty unique take on 2016, given that she moved halfway across the world this year! Here’s […]

What I’ve learned in 2016 – Emily

December 14, 2016

Emily joined the team in May, and she’s been kicking butt and taking names ever since. As our resident Projects, PR & People Person, she’s been working on innumerable projects, doing amazing things for all kinds of clients. Here’s what 2016 has taught her (as well as a snap of her on our AbFab day!): […]

What I’ve learned in 2016 – Brittany

December 7, 2016

Our intern Brittany only had a brief time with us, but she found the time to pop together some thoughts about what she’s learned this year. So we thought we’d kick off this year’s ‘What I’ve Learned In…’ series with Brittany’s learnings! It’s totally ok to say no (stop overcommitting yourself!) No is a word […]

Making the most of your Christmas break

November 30, 2016

We, like so many people in business, are eagerly awaiting the Christmas break – not because we don’t love being at work but because after a long year, we’re excited for a much needed refresh! The summer holidays are the perfect time to reboot your brain and body and get yourself thinking creatively again. While […]

A different kind of cultural sensitivity

November 23, 2016

If you’ve ever been to the Intelligent Ink office, or had a meeting with a couple of people from the team, you’ll have likely cottoned on to the fact that our workplace culture is very important to us. We support one another. We create an environment that keeps us invigorated. We celebrate our success and […]

So you’re throwing an event…

November 4, 2016

Maybe you’re in the middle of planning an awesome event and you want to get more people involved or coming along. Or perhaps you’ve got something going on in one part of town (or the country) that you want to leverage to raise awareness across other areas. You might even be looking to raise funds […]