Clever copy: A salesman in written form

January 17, 2017

A copywriter is the ultimate salesperson, responsible for guiding a customer through their journey to purchase. However, compared to their chatty counterparts, they face an interesting challenge… Rather than being able to answer a customer’s questions in real time, they must anticipate what enquiries will arise – and then squelch any concerns with limited word count. They only have one chance to hold the reader’s attention – through a concise, yet persuasive, pitch.

Define the problem and anticipate their needs.

This wordsmith salesperson needs to get into the head of the customer. A copywriter must be “on both sides of the counter” – not just an advocate for the product or service they’re peddling, but an advocate for the shopper too. Know what problem your customer is trying to solve and present the ways your solution will enrich their lives.

Show them – don’t tell them.

Copywriters must be engaging. Rather than ticking off hard facts, appeal to the potential buyer’s emotions and thirst for valuable content. Help them visualise how their situation will be infinitely better once they’ve not only completed the purchase, but put the product to use.

Cut to the chase, but don’t jump the gun.

Effective copy doesn’t waste the reader’s time. It doesn’t rush the shopper straight to the sale, but rather slowly builds momentum to a final call to action. It takes readers by the hand and leads them to a point of decision. Even if they don’t complete a sale directly after reading, they feel they have a better understanding of the product and know where to go should they want to take that next step.

Old typewriterWhile the written content of a single ad is permanent, it’s not the end of the sales cycle. Like any proper salesperson, a copywriter has the opportunity to nurture the relationship and slowly gain the buyer’s trust. While copywriting always has a call to action, it can be used in many points of the sales process, for many different purposes. Maybe its aim is to set up your company’s CEO as a subject matter expert through a knockout bylined article. Or a cleverly wordsmithed social media post may encourage followers to participate in a contest, building your brand awareness and engagement.

These are perfect examples of how copy can transform a previously unengaged being into a tuned-in potential buyer. A sales cycle is often lengthy – a continuous education process that requires multiple touchpoints before conversion. It’s telling your brand’s story, and why it matters, instead of rushing anyone and everyone into a sale.

Intelligent Ink can help tell your story. We take the time to understand what makes your brand unique, and find the perfect channels for the written articulation of your objectives. Drop us a line, and we can get chatting about how we can walk your customers down the path to purchase through stellar copy.