Communicate via email marketing – then make sure it integrates with your social media

August 4, 2011

According to any number of studies “email is still queen”! Not only do the majority of us spend all day with some form of email client open, it is also the number one activity on the mobile web. E-newsletters will likely be eulogised at some stage, but for now and in the near future, organisations that do not publish e-newsletters are definitely at a disadvantage.

Not only do e-newsletters attract some serious eyeballs, they convert to action too – the most sales (or donations, if you’re a not-for-profit) come from a click in an e-newsletter and that’s the best way to recruit new Facebook fans, Twitter followers and text alert subscribers.

That said, social media marketing continues to take the world by storm and it is worth integrating these two channels together in your campaigns. Make sure that both channels share all of your brand values and have a consistent look and feel. Have your key messages displayed clearly and most importantly, a strong call to action.

A smart e-newsletter design that considers the social web contains less text, more images, social media icons (linked) and that all-important call to action button, be that a ‘Donate’, ‘Join now’, ‘Buy’ or whatever else you are wanting to achieve.

Viewers nowadays are used to interactive content, zipping from an email to a series of webpages to complete a transaction, without thinking twice. So, make it easy for them, include all the links and make it easy for them to navigate to where it is that you want them to go. These are your captive eyeballs, but you will only have their attention for a few seconds unless you truly engage them, so make the most of your e-newsletter reads.