Do you need a content manager?

January 19, 2012

Content is all the rage and the media we use to share our messages continues to morph. Those changes aside though, there is a LOT of new content pumping through broadcast and interactive channels every day.

Consider these stats:

  • You Tube users upload two days of video every minute.
  • Twitter users generate over 2 million daily tweets – 2,200 new tweets per second.
  • The average Facebook user creates 90 pieces of content each month ad more than 30 billion pieces are shared monthly.
  • On top of this, Google takes in over 8.5 billion monthly search queries to try to find the relevance in it all.

So clearly, content is at the centre of everything – and we’re all publishers nowadays. The question for businesses is how to best take advantage of the generation of content and how you add value for those you want to engage in the process.

It’s a new age, with new roles and models needed and practices grounded in where media is going, while still understanding where it has been.  It’s all well and good to discuss brand strategy, media planning, social media, creative development and PR calendars, but really all of this is just about content and their needs to be an overarching strategy that looks at all this branded stuff through the different channels.

More and more organisations are beginning to place priority on a content-drive program and assigning one person to own and be accountable for this. Centralised orchestration of your content means that there can be more discipline in the way that your stories are conveyed, as well as obvious and easy cost savings, derived from consistent messages. If you don’t have the resource inhouse, or the demand for hiring a full time person in this role, consider outsourcing. Give Intelligent Ink a call and we can discuss your needs further.