Electronic content fuels your word of mouth machine

July 6, 2011

Everyday we are bombarded by more marketing messages and new information than our minds can possibly handle. But savvy people are cutting through all of that and focusing on something far more powerful when making decisions… Word Of Mouth. This isn’t a new buzz word to the Marketing arena, but never before has it been more powerful, with the proliferation of online content making the sharing of our opinions and endorsements so much easier.

Consider this scenario, as an example:

I’ve dealt with an awesome mortgage broker; she helped us immensely in buying our first home, spending time educating us, as well as negotiating the best rates with our chosen fund provider. Many of our friends are at the same stage and thinking about buying their first home also, an exciting but daunting time. Without a doubt, they are going to want to deal with someone they trust (or by default, someone recommended by someone they trust) and my mortgage broker continues to make it easy for me to think about recommending her. She sends me out a monthly e-newsletter, which not only keeps her front of mind for me, but makes it super easy for me to share her details and expert views with other people I know who might benefit – as easily as pressing ‘Forward’.

And here is where the electronic nature of what she’s doing really proves a benefit… I have some of her business cards, that I promised to pass onto friends in need of her services – but some of these have become dog-earred in my handbag, forgotten about when I saw those friends, while the others sat on my kitchen counter in case I thought to give them to visitors until I got sick of looking at them and put them in a drawer – out of sight, out of mind. Luckily, I get a little monthly reminder from her: all bundled up in a convenient package to share, instantly!

So, how do you ensure the word of mouth machine is working for you?

Create and distribute online content! This could be a blog that you update regularly, an e-newsletter that you send to your database, or social networking sites where you engage with customers and fans in your brand voice.

If this seems like a daunting prospect, hire a professional to help you communicate interesting, relevant content consistently. In this age of information overload, we rely on the filters of our friends to sift through information and share the relevant stuff with us. Countless studies have shown that people (especially women) love sharing good news, ‘fab finds’ and positive experiences with others in the way of recommendations: Make it easy for them to share the best parts about you!