Five ways to take advantage of the January lull

December 3, 2015

It’s the end of the year and you have so many deadlines, so many events, so much going on for you and your clients. It’s a mad rush! And then suddenly – January. The lull that many businesses face in January can be scary, but it’s also a fabulous time to do all those little things you’ve been putting off for so long. Here are five ways to take advantage of the lull:


  1. Mail iconHousekeeping

The boring stuff that all too often gets put off. It’s time to clean out the office – don’t forget the fridge! This includes your virtual life – clear out emails and tasks in your inbox, all the things that will make the months ahead more efficient and comfortable.
Update the things that tend to be forgotten. Business cards, form emails, your website – permanent pages, especially ones that get visited a lot (check out our post about Google Analytics to get schooled in how to find that stuff out!) are incredibly important when making a first impression, yet don’t often get updated. Speaking of Google Analytics, review your content and audit what’s popular (website, Facebook, newsletters) – what has worked for creating leads and what hasn’t?


  1. List iconPlan ahead

Look at your goals, update them and make new ones. Create a content calendar for your blog, so you can write posts ahead of time. Take advantage of the spare hours you’ve got to knock out a whole heap of content and ensure that you’re regularly communicating with your audiences.

Delegate! Spend more time growing and steering your business to where you want it by teaching others to do the everyday jobs that keep you busy – if you do it now, they’ll know it all next year!


  1. Social media logosStay active

It’s important for your brand not to be forgotten while everyone’s lounging at the beach. Stay active on social media – it pays to be consistent in your posting, so pre-schedule everything ahead of time. Much like your blog, you can find and write a whole heap in advance and save yourself the time later. Squirrel away cool things you see online and queue it up for Twitter, Facebook, etc.


  1. Recycle iconRevamp, reinvent and re-promote

If you’ve been creating content for a while, you might realise you have a huge backlog, and it just sits there passively. Don’t let your content remain passive – reimagine it in different formats, engage your audience in a different way. Some people like to read blogs, some people like to listen to audio while they drive, some people like to watch videos while they snack – so make that blog post into a video. Record a podcast around a topic you’ve already covered. Turn old posts into infographics. With your new skills and experience, go into your archives and make posts more readable, more attractive, more searchable. Retitle them to encourage more click-through. Rework your old posts and offer them as guest posts (adding new value of course!) on your strategic partner’s posts. Include links, updates, and embed the new content you’ve created.

Then re-promote! If you’ve updated a post with something exciting and new, that gives you a reason to talk about it. Relate It to current events and what ‘s happening with your clients, and you not only direct more traffic towards your old stuff, but you give your clients more value, for less work.


  1. Champagne iconNetwork

Sure, events are rife at Christmas – but don’t we always hear everyone complaining about how many Christmas parties they have to go to? Stand out from the crowd and plan a post-Christmas party in January. Everyone will have more time to come along, and it will give you the chance to catch up with clients to establish and re-establish that personal connection and make their feedback feel heard.

Plus, head along to new networking events to start expanding your circle. While you’re forming relationships, think about what you can do for them – can you offer their audience value by providing a blog post, or introduce them to someone else who could use your service? People love helping people who help them, so the more you can offer others, the more likely they are to offer something to you. Plus, by providing their audiences with value, you are getting your name in front of them as well.

Whatever you do, set your business up for success in January. Start prepared, with a clean slate, an update, and maybe a new image to keep you dynamic and contemporary. Haven’t done some of the things we suggested before Christmas? Do them now. It’s a new year. Start it off fresh!