Get your Mar-Comms (brand voice) expert on your social media

August 18, 2011

Everyone nowadays wants a slice of the social media pie. And it’s true that, at least on a functional level, most people can do it. Even your twelve year old neighbour is likely to be extremely well-versed in the art of Facebook et al.

But just because they CAN do it, doesn’t mean they should. Your PR or Marketing Communications consultant is the best-equipped to head your social efforts online, and here’s why:

  1. They are story-tellers by nature. Thought leadership is deeply engrained in their DNA
  2. They are programmed to begin every project with an analysis of how to approach influencers
  3. They think strategically, but aren’t afraid to get their hands dirty
  4. They already know how to earn – and keep – attention
  5. They understand that it’s not about them and are trained to connect with others, empathising and conversing with different audiences (often at the same time)
  6. They are used to generating content. It’s what they do – all day, every day
  7. They can get just that right mix of story spectacle and practicality, which is gold in ‘social media land’
  8. They are sensitive to what else is going on ‘out there’, well-versed at looking around different media sources, gauging public opinion and monitoring your industry
  9. They’re not afraid of analytics and are excellent at writing reports
  10. They will guard the consistency of your tone and messages with their life, so you stay ‘on brand’, no matter what audience you are in front of

So, it’s a simple choice, really. Getting the one who has control over your brand voice to use that online is a smart business decision. And it’s easier for you if your content is being worked for you. Plus, being strategic thinkers they can clue into what you’re overall tactical activities are and make sure things align. What could be more simple that that?