Getting brochures and direct marketing right… it’s also about the offer!

August 30, 2011

We’ve been involved with writing brochures and direct marketing materials for a few clients recently, for them to use to grow their own customer bases. This is all well and good – in fact, it’s a very effective method, but we’re reminded again and again that, as well as strong, well-written copy, it’s important to get the offer right.

So, how do you construct an exceptional direct mail piece, either to send out in physical mail or over email? Make sure it’s got an engaging title or subject line, something that not only grabs a reader’s attention, but makes them want to read more. Images can be another great way to reinforce your message, and a concise and focused bullet point list of benefits is a good way to ensure that your audience will take in your most important points, even if they are just scanning the document.

But then lets take a minute to consider the offer. This is the ‘call to action’ and is vital for your marketing objectives. It’s the thing that is going to take the reader from a simple ‘that’s nice’, to actually picking up the phone and calling you. It may seem obvious, but there are some key things to remember in ensuring your offer is strong enough to convert prospects.

Firstly, make sure the offer is appealing. List the benefits, so people feel compelled not only to want it, but to need it – and now. Next, inject enthusiasm. Let your excitement about the offer be contagious, without being unprofessional. Highlight for readers the perks if they do take action, or what pitfalls await them if they don’t take action. And lastly, create urgency. People are busy and often it’s when they think they’re about to lose an opportunity that you get their attention. People also tend to put off making decisions, so by giving a cut-off date, you’re encouraging immediacy.

It’s certainly an art, but the pay-offs are huge if you can get your offer and compelling marketing copy right. If you would like to talk to an expert for advice or to help you construct a strong offer and get your marketing messages just right, contact Intelligent Ink directly.