How Apple changed the marketing world

November 17, 2011

No-one can argue with the huge marketing and pulling power that Apple has at its disposal to influence consumers; they have been able to sway millions, despite not necessarily being the first to come up with certain products.

Their brand is fueled by intelligence, innovation and inventiveness – and has created an almost cult-like following. It comes down to the different social and psychological layers of their marketing and the unique way that they structure their messages.

Here’s a simple, yet effective strategy that we think can be learnt from the case study of Apple, so you too can create fanatics out of your followers.

Communicate from the inside out 

This is all about reversing the way that you share your marketing message with others. So often we say what we do, occasionally how we do it, and very little care or thought is given to the ‘why’. Sadly, this is often not even known within an organisation!

Try starting your marketing messages with ‘why’ you do what you do, the central belief of your company. Then you can go on to outline the ‘how’ and the ‘what’.

Let’s look at this in the case of Apple…

Why: “Everything we do, we believe in challenging the status quo, we believe in thinking differently.”

How: “We make products that are beautifully designed and user friendly.”

What: “We just happen to make great computers – want to buy one?”

As opposed to the traditional messages shared by businesses, developing such a powerful core belief system helps you to attract that cult following… Look at the way Apple were able to sell more than just computers by establishing their powerful central message.

Would your customers queue for hours ready to buy your next product?

What if they did? It’s got to be worth a try!


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