I dare you!

January 12, 2012

One of the most under-rated parts of being successful is increasing your level of ‘daring’. It may not be in all the literature, but we believe that being daring is a critical character trait if you want to do something a wee bit extraordinary.

In business in particular, you can be efficient and great with managing your budget. You can have excellent customer service, or a remarkable product – but unless you dare to do amazing and unusual things, you will not reach the highest levels of success.

So, how can you seek to be daring?

–       Challenging industry norms
–       Promoting yourself in daring ways
–       Moving into a new sector with your product or service
–       Creating a radically different offering to anything else available
–       Offering money back guarantees
–       Standing up for what you believe in
–       Starting a business in the first place

They say there is huge competition in the business world, and in a sense this is true… but when you are taking daring actions, pretty soon you’ll have little direct competition because most others will be scared of doing anything really different, so you’ll stand out.

Being daring means that you’ll get noticed, you’ll attract more customers because you look exciting to work with, you’ll get more publicity and PR and you’re likely to be able to charge more, because you’re forging a real point of different.

So, think about it – are you being daring enough?