Intelligent Ink’s Basic Copywriting Skills

May 30, 2013

The Intelligent Ink team were invited to present at the Employers and Manufacturers Association’s (EMA) Fresh Marketing Summit on Copywriting. Sarah, our stunning and gregarious ‘PR & People Person’ took this job on board and imparted her wisdom on an audience of over 70 marketers and business owners at yesterday’s event.

The main points that wove their way through Sarah’s presentation were the key tenets on which we approach all of our copywriting jobs here at Intelligent Ink and she brought these to life for the audience with the use of funny images and real-life examples.

Sarah covered all of the elements before and more.

  • Determining your target audience and key messages
  • Writing a great headline
  • How to write persuasive copy
  • Different between features and benefits
  • And some general copywriting ‘top tips’

To view the presentation, click here.