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Join our team.

We’re always on the lookout for talented people with top notch wordsmithing skills to join our team.

Could you be the next Inker? Send your CV to careers@intelligentink.co.nz.

As an agency, Intelligent Ink focuses on telling stories – whether that means writing with eloquence or making the right calls.

We punch above our weight and add real value to our clients’ businesses. In an empowering environment that inspires each of us to reach our potential, you’ll have the opportunity to work alongside thinking business professionals with a social conscience. Plus, we’ve got an enviable wellness programme and some pretty cool perks!

Internships available

Sometimes, you just need a foot in the door, or a real look at what the communications industry has to offer. We strongly believe in nurturing young talent and providing opportunities to those entering the field.

If you’re a writer or comms graduate, flick us through your CV for our 12-week internship programme. You’ll have the opportunity to work on real projects with real clients, and while you may be asked to fetch occasional coffees, we promise you’ll get to do valuable work too – not to mention, receive a glowing letter of recommendation and a performance bonus.

Simply email: careers@intelligentink.co.nz


Writing has long been the lifeblood of Intelligent Ink. We believe that anything worth saying ought to be said – or in this case, written – well. We’re often on the lookout for witty and well-read writers to join our team, so if you think you’ve got a way with words, flick through your CV and some examples of your writing for us to have a look at.


At Intelligent Ink, we believe in doing perfect work every time – however, things in the office can get a little too busy at times. To ensure that we never have to compromise the quality of our work, we’re constantly building a pool of freelance wordsmiths who would be happy to help with overflow work on an ad hoc basis. Send us your CV, come and meet the team and we can have a chat about your availability and what would work for you.