Marketing emails: a cheat sheet

April 18, 2012

Whoever says email marketing is dead, is badly mistaken. Countless indicators point to the fact that email marketing continues to yield better return on investment than any other marketing activity. Whether that is strictly true or not for you, email marketing remains a powerful source of lead generation, but only if you do it in an effective, optimised way.

Firstly, and somewhat obviously, make sure that you’ve got a clear, concise and attention-grabbing subject line as this the first thing recipients see. Keep it brief and make sure you avoid words that make it seem like spam.

Secondly, there shouldn’t be any doubt for your recipients about where your email is coming from, so incorporate obvious branding elements. Even better, create a template to reuse for consistency.

Next, remember personalisation… Emails provide a great opportunity for this, especially if you segment your database into groups and send emails based around each ones behaviours or needs.

Before you just whack your readers with an offer, set the stage by illustrating the value of this offer to them. Only then put your compelling call to action in and create some urgency. Be sure to clearly highlight the benefits to your readers if they do take up the offer.

If it can be worked into your copy, incorporate a P.S. as research shows that in the midst of people scanning, they are likely to always read this point. A professional-looking image breaks up the text and add interest. The image you choose should reinforce your offer and shouldn’t be too big or takes ages to load on a standard internet connection.

Include social sharing buttons and links to extend the reach of your email content, if your readers feel compelled to push it out to their connections. Likewise add links for them to subscribe to your social media updates too, growing your reach on those networks also.

Lastly, a link to your privacy policy can be a nice touch – many won’t read it, but it will provide peace of mind and a sense of security to your followers. Also, according to new spam regulations, there must always be an ‘unsubscribe’ link or option at the bottom.

If you would like to talk about content or a coordinated strategy for your email marketing, contact us directly. We have a fantastic email marketing partner that can manage design, send outs and measurement of your returns as well.