Never underestimate the power of words

November 22, 2012

We have, for a long time, believed in the power of words… In fact, it’s what Intelligent Ink is based on. Words are, so often, what we rely on in marketing to compel people to do what we’d like them to: buy our product, make a donation, sign up to our newsletter, refer someone else to our service etc.

Lately, we’ve seen even more examples of the way in which words are powerful. Written or spoken, they can invoke intense emotions: cheering us up, helping our confidence, knocking us back down, or helping us to fall in love.And its not only the finest orators or writers that have this power either… All of us can wound or excite with a few simple words, no matter how ‘off-hand’ they were intended to be.

So, I guess the moral here is to think about what you say (and write) before you do so… Can it be taken the ‘wrong’ way (in other words, in a way different to how you intended)?

Another consideration is whether you can use words to make someone else’s day. Perhaps consider giving someone you see today a compliment, or writing an encouraging or grateful message.

Just a thought… Either way, enjoy Friday!

We believe in the power of words and care passionately about getting yours right…