Our heartfelt thanks!

September 18, 2013

We hosted our official office opening party last night at our new premises at 18 Durham Lane.

The fabulous ladies from The Lauren & Delwyn took some pictures of the space, before the masses arrived – so we’ll be posting those soon. We had a speech poised for last night, which we never got to say (too swept away in the networking), so we thought we would share it here instead…

Thanks everyone for coming tonight and celebrating with us. It’s taken 2.5 years of hard work to get here. Now we feel like a “real business” though. Everyone who might have also once thought I was just playing in the spare room can hopefully see differently now too.

A huge thank you to my gorgeous girls, Sarah and Verity. I simply couldn’t be here without you two – nor would coming to work be anywhere near as fun, or rewarding.

A huge thanks goes to my incredibly supportive husband, Logan – who even in the early days, never once told me to “get a real job”. He never ever stopped believing in me – even when I did at times, and that was huge.

The same goes for my parents, their support is incredible. Dad is our incredibly wise – and precise – CFO. My Mum did all the savoury catering here tonight and is always our “rock”. Thank you too to Verity’s sister, Felicity, who did all the sweet treats tonight. 

And lastly, my heartfelt thanks goes to all of you guys – without whom, we wouldn’t be here. We thank you for your support, cherish your friendship and feel blessed each day that we are working with such amazing organisations.

Now, enjoy another drink, some nibbles and some mingling – or networking if you choose.
Thanks again all!

– Christina Wedgwood, Director

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