Our take-outs from the Social Media Breakfast

May 15, 2013

Yesterday, the team attended Air New Zealand’s Social Media Breakfast, at the Langham Hotel. Following events with Randi Zuckerberg, former Marketing Director of Facebook and Teddy Goff, Digital Director for President Obama’s 2012 campaign, the third event in the series featured Guy Kawasaki, renowned author, ex Apple marketer and current advisor to Motorola.

First up, Guy regaled us with this thoughts on being ‘enchanting’, which had resonance from a personal and brand marketing perspective. What most of the audience was really hanging out to hear though, was Guy’s thoughts on how to get more followers on social media.

Here we boil his presentation down to the top 10 tips that he imparted (apologies that his sense of humour is likely to be somewhat lacking here…)

1. Start yesterday – Even if you haven’t yet written the book that you want to publicise, or created the product, start building social networks and hype already… It takes a while to gain momentum.

2. Segment services – Here Guy talked about knowing what each social network was about and working with their strengths. In his view, it came down to the 5 Ps…

  • Facebook is for PEOPLE, those you know, are related to, etc
  • Twitter is for PERCEPTIONS, thoughts on the world and how we see it, random musings
  • Google + is for PASSIONS, here you can find people who share your passions, as opposed to having to convince all the people on your Facebook profile, who may or may not be into it
  • Pinterest is for PINNING, it’s pictures predominantly and used more by women
  • LinkedIn is for PIMPING, which you just gotta do sometimes, ie: when looking for a new job


3. Make a great profile – Let your cover photo tell a story, have your face only in the profile pic and make sure your ‘elevator statement’ is compelling

4. Curate and link – You don’t have to create all of the content that you share on social media. You can find stories that relate to what you’re about and share them. It’s also valuable to help people find good information.

5. Cheat – Find out what’s being well-received, ahead of the trends and share that – chances are it will be well-received for you too.

6. Restrain yourself – Guy advocates that the ideal ratio is 19:1. That is, 19 pieces of interesting, good content to one piece of self-promotion.

7. Add bling – Post your updates with a photo or video – a big one, not just the thumbnail that generates automatically. According to Guy, it’s not really OK to have plain text updates any longer.

8. Respond – It’s one thing to put something out there, it’s quite another to just leave it hanging. If people are engaging with your posts, you need to engage back: leave other comments, respond to the responses – don’t just clock out.

9. Stay positive or stay silent – This one is relatively self-explanatory. If you do occasionally feel the need to break this rule, think of a junior boxing match – go 3 rounds and that’s it. Walk away (figuratively) without getting into a 60 times back and forth volley – people will only look at the last comments and you’ll be known for what you say down there, regardless of the rationale.

10. Repeat – People around the world are all awake (and therefore using social media) at different times. Guy suggests we repeat each post up to 4 times, all 8 hours apart. You may be surprised to find you get the same amount of likes each time.