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Customer Radar: Case studies and communications

Customer Radar creates clever technology that allows companies to easily access reliable customer feedback. While they may seem fairly small, their technology is in high demand with many big retailers, including Noel Leeming, Foodstuffs and The Body Shop.

For several years now, we’ve been producing content for Customer Radar, with their current communications focused particularly on regular blogs, enewsletters, and case studies. This enables them to establish their position as thought leaders and experts in customer experience and customer feedback, and provide value to current and prospective clients alike.

In addition, we’ve crafted many an article on behalf of Customer Radar that have featured in New Zealand’s most prominent business and marketing magazines. Each month Mat’s column is featured in NZ Business, while Customer Radar has also featured in NZ Marketing Magazine, Restaurant and Catering News, NZ Retail Magazine, Pharmacy Today, and Supermarket News.