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Money Empire website & communications

Money Empire directors Jess and Kayne were finding it difficult to put into words exactly how they wanted to convey their business. They had all sorts of brilliant thoughts, and a team of highly capable experts working with them… but they needed a hand with finding the words.

So we helped them out. We picked their brains, talked through what set them apart from their competition… and ultimately, put together something that we were very proud of, and they were really excited by.

Jess described the content as “fantastic”. “You have been able to capture our vibe so well. I spent hours pulling my hair out trying to write our website content and you took the whole job off my hands and did an amazing job.”

Now, we’re acting as their comms team, writing fortnightly blogs and monthly enews for them, plus providing advice and support across other channels. This enables them to establish themselves as thought leaders, while consistently demonstrating what makes them different and creating real connections with their clients and prospective clients.

To view the website, or find out more about Money Empire, visit