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YMCA Auckland website

We have worked with YMCA Auckland for quite some time – so we have a deep understanding of what makes the organisation tick. So when it came time to create a new, refreshed website, it made perfect sense for them to call on our writing expertise!

The job was a substantial one, bringing in multiple team members. With 11 branches across Auckland and Hamilton, and a wide range of activities offered across those facilities, there was a lot of content to create. In today’s era of SEO-driven content creation, there was also a need to ensure that different instances of one particular activity at different centres were written ever so slightly differently, to maximise searchability.

The end result is something that looks great (though we can’t claim responsibility for that!) and reads really well. If we do say so ourselves! It’s informative, it’s engaging, and with a little luck, it’ll reach even more families across Auckland and Hamilton so that YMCA Auckland can continue working towards bringing its vision of “We build strong kids, strong families, strong communities” to life.