Six Characteristics That Separate the Good from the Great Content Marketers

March 1, 2012

According to Joe Pulizzi, Head of the Content Marketing Institute.

1: The focused non-sales content mission

People do not want to be constantly bombarded with sales material.  If you are in a competitive industry (which, lets face it – most of us are) try to find a super-niche way to attract your customers.  Create content that is not sales focused but is instead customer centric.

2: Opening up new content/media markets

Create content that doesn’t pitch your product but focuses on what the audience wants to know. Try experimenting with different types of content.

3: The chief storyteller

We are seeing many great brands hiring people to help them with some great storytelling.  Many teams are now made up of managing editors, content producers, chief listening officers, and content creators.

4: Leveraging employees in content creation

By encouraging the participation of your employees in content creation you can accomplish a few things.  First off, content creation on a regular basis will continue to educate your employees on the industry and provide them with increased exposure online as an advocate for your brand.  Secondly, you can eliminate the need to hire a content creation team all at once. Just make sure you have someone consistently proofread the finished content before it is published.

5: Removing your brand from the story

Apparently “your story travels further the less you mention your brand.”  It seems logical and simple (if counter to your most obvious objective) but the more you provide quality content that is relevant to your readers, the more likely they are to read and share that information.

6: Building the influencer or customer community (a focus on referral traffic)

Search is still very relevant but we are seeing the switch to increased referral based business.  If you have an influencer write for you on your site and they share it also with their network that will, in turn, send even more traffic back to your site.