Social media sins

September 8, 2011

Despite popular opinion, and heady temptation, social media is not just a platform for you to push your corporate messages. It’s a forum to facilitate open and honest dialogue with other individuals and as a company, this is a powerful conduit between you and your customers. But as in non-digital life, if you are purely self-focused and not open or honest, it is unlikely anyone will want to engage with you.

When using social media for your business, avoid making the following mistakes:

  1. Believing if you build it, they will come. This isn’t Noah’s Ark and just because you brand a Facebook page, You Tube channel, Twitter feed or blog does not mean that you are making the most of using social media.
  2. Not being authentic. You’ll soon be sniffed out, and subsequently ignored if all you are doing is using social to promote your one-sided messages and drum up sales.
  3. Thinking you are in control. You cannot control negative comments on your blog or other forums, so embrace them as best you can and use the opportunity to try to salvage a positive from the situation in the way of a response, or lesson learnt.
  4. Not listening. It’s a goldmine of customer knowledge if you keep your ears open. Embrace the open, two-way dialogue of it.
  5. Thinking social media is not work. You need to assign resource to this as the digital channel relies on a human being on the other end to engage and converse.
  6. Not knowing your audience. Without an understanding of what your audience is passionate about and wants to engage in, you will be creating a poor experience of social media for your fans and followers and ultimately, yourself.

Enjoy and use the social media tools out there to engage further with your key audience and if you want advice around strategy, or help with the execution of your social media campaigning, enlist an expert.