Spike: A case study

September 5, 2012

Although experts in email marketing, Spike recently realised that they weren’t “eating their own dog food”. They hired us, the content experts, to whip them into shape and get their email marketing sorted…  Following a chat about what they want their enewsletter to achieve, we put a plan together as well as a framework of regular sections for each issue.

Spike promised their customers an enewsletter on the last Tuesday of every month and, with our help, they have been able to deliver that every time. We’ve got the dates jotted down, so a week or so before it’s due, we have a quick chat about what’s new, and the topics they want to cover off, before we get writing.

Not only do they always get it out on time, they’ve had excellent feedback from their clients about the valuable information shared. Every month, the enewsletter generates at least a couple of enquiries straight away, as Spike’s clients get ideas and see examples of what they could also do. As well as keeping Spike front of mind for their contacts, it provides a talking point throughout the month and the Spike team are thrilled with the “really high open rate”, meaning lots of people are reading it.

As well as writing polished copy for Spike themselves, we also work as an extension of their team… providing professional, well-written copy, for a number of their clients. In this way, we’re enabling them to extend their valuable offering and get even better results for their clients.

If you’ve been thinking about an enewsletter and are just not quite sure where to start, give us a call. Likewise, if you think professional copy works well with what you offer, we’d love to talk to you too!