Surprise and delight: Give your customers a story and make it about them

June 13, 2012

Earlier this week, a couple of the team went along to this fabulous seminar, hosted by and Spikemail. Close to 80 people braved a very chilly morning to come and hear Chris Pescott, from Perceptive speak about ‘The simplest way to grow your business in 2012’.

The answer, seems to be Word of Mouth marketing, an unpaid form of promotion in which inspired customers tell others how much they like a product or service. It’s not a new concept, in fact, we’ve talked about it lots here over the past year, but it is something that we often don’t do as well as we could.

The fact is, your customers are your best salespeople; they are fundamentally more credible than any other form of advertising you could think up. Now, we’re not knocking traditional advertising at all; it’s all an important part of building your brand credibility and profile, but the general feeling by now is that we put more trust in Word of Mouth. We’re exposed to 5,000 ads per day, on average, and most of us have become masters at blocking them out. Whereas, social media is amplifying our daily lives, and in a very real respect, we’re influenced the most by the people we are the closest to.

None of this is likely to come across as earth-shattering or new, but the ‘take out’ that really hit us during the talk as the fundamental requirement to building positive Word of Mouth was: You need to realise that it’s not about you! Give your customers a story and make it about them!

GREAT customer experiences fuel the positive Word of Mouth engine. But lets not kid ourselves, meeting your customers expectations is not great customer service, it’s doing your job. Exceeding those expectations, going the extra mile, throwing in a little extra treat or surprise… And of course, keeping the focus purely on the customer. Now that is powerful Word of Mouth material.

We like the terminology ‘surprise and delight’, so that’s what we are looking to weave more into the way that we do business. We pride ourselves on exceptional results and output, but also, we want to make our clients feel special and valued – because we DO care! We so often do the little things for the people we care about in our social lives, lets bring a bit of that love into the way that we work… I think you’ll be amazed at the results!