Take it seriously: attention is an economy

March 8, 2012

First, a stating of the obvious: attention from those interested and able to buy is worth more now than ever before. Companies like Google and Amazon traffic in attention – it’s their primary asset. That seems obvious, but then why are we so casual about it?

Every interaction comes with a cost. Not in cash money, but in something worth even more: the attention of the person you’re interacting with. Waste it with spam, with a worthless offer, with a lack of preparation, and yes, with nervous dissembling and you are unlikely to get another chance.

Before you put any communication out, think about what you are wanting to achieve and then tailor your message with this in mind. Don’t gamble with it – stack up the odds in favour of your desirable outcome and respect the person whose attention you are governing. It’s only fair to do you both justice.

And while we’ve got your attention… If you need help with crafting your message, give us a call!