That sense of achievement

October 17, 2012

There’s a sense of satisfaction that comes from reaching the end of a project, especially if it’s a really BIG project. I think it would suffice to say, the satisfaction remains in proportion to the project scale. Or sometimes it’s difficulty… Definitely tricky projects (however big or small) bring a sense of satisfaction when they are ticked off.

But then what? Do we really stop long enough to celebrate the successes?

More often we’re just straight onto the next thing!

One such project for us recently was the website we wrote for HELP, a not-for-profit that provides support to survivors of sexual abuse and assault. A new website was long overdue for the organisation to give them a better reflection online and be an aid for survivors.

We started working with them on it in November last year, but as these projects are never simple, the website went live just last week! Since then, there’s been a rebrand, a name change and the milestone of reaching 30 years in existence. It was this that finally gave everyone a deadline to work to and made the launch all the sweeter.

But, in terms of celebrating the success of it… Well, the organisation themselves are caught up in a funding crisis now and we’re absorbed in the (also overdue) process of getting all their brochures rewritten and designed to the new brand – so somehow, a moment to pat ourselves on the back for the gargantuan website task passed us by

Well, not exactly… I’m taking that moment now! And vowing to do a bit more, going forward, to acknowledge the milestones. (Our cupcake delivery to HELP with a ‘Congrats’ note hopefully helped them take pause and reflect on the journey too!)

Life is a series of projects – some big, some small, some tricky and some that are smooth sailing… It’s important though to celebrate the successful finish of (at least) some of them, acknowledging the people who helped and reveling in the sense of achievement.

If we’re doing what we should be in life, it’s our reason for being here after all!