The imaginary friend: a cunning, or crazy writing companion?

February 23, 2012

Most kids ditch their imaginary friends along with their security blankets. It’s considered a normal part of ‘growing up’. Not many of us consider that there could be a benefit to keeping those guys around. According to an agency in the States, these fictional characters, or ‘personas’ enable a deeper connection with your writing and content marketing.

While some of the approach may feel a little bit kooky, with a little creativity there is some merit to the idea of creating your own imaginary marketing persona… It can help you write better and resonate with your audiences, for one.

First envisage your perfect reader and record the demographic facts (name, age, gender, income level, marital status etc) that help you to ‘know’ this person. You can even dig up a photo online of whoever you think you’re identifying with here.

Once you have the basic facts, expand on things like their goals, likes and dislikes, needs and the problems that might be keeping them up at night. Consider what would influence their decisions and what factors would influence them responding to your advice.

Armed with all of this, summarise it as a succinct, but revealing one pager and keep it somewhere that you can refer to it often. Then, apply your future writing to this persona for an idea of what will work best for your target market.