The SEO game is changing

July 25, 2012

It’s true that the online world moves quickly, but now the SEO game is really changing. While Google used to rank links around the Internet as being indicative of valuable content, the emphasis seems to have shifted towards a more social media-based focus. The theory now being that if you promote content with social media, it is less likely to be faked and more likely to be truly relevant.

In this environment, only the purest of tactics continue to reign supreme. We believe this tactic to be genuine content marketing: writing, recording, designing or creating real, relevant content that is valuable to searchers online.

It’s simple really… Consider what your audience needs and give them content around that. Make compelling, so people talk about it and share it, as it seems now we’re being ranked on “the metrics of engagement of your site.”

A content strategist can help you work out your key messages and market, building a calendar of content to get you going. This should remain fluid though, able to respond to changes in the general online and specific social media landscape.

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