The “Why” of content marketing for retail

February 26, 2014

Traditionally, retailers have communicated with customers and potential customers in a limited, outward fashion only… It’s been all about specials and moving product.

hardys magazine 1However, today’s consumers are savvy. They’ve had years of this kind of content and, quite frankly, it’s getting old. What consumers are now looking for is messaging that is relevant to them and delivers additional value – hence, content marketing has been born.

An editorial style magazine lifts your reputation from that of just a mover of product (no matter how amazing or reasonable those products might be) to someone that has something more to say. It allows you to take the role of thought leadership in a particular space, in your particular industry.

Catalogues are still useful and effective in moving product quickly at key times. Don’t get us wrong, they have their place, but a magazine will help your customers build a longer-term relationship with you that begins to be based on more than just price sensitivity. A magazine with content that matters to your customers will hang around with a much longer shelf life than a catalogue ever would – it will be filed, clipped out and shared with others.

Professional, editorial-style articles that reinforce key messages and advice in your industry will lift your communications from a catalogue, to a useful resource that delivers real value to your customers. It will allow you to compete and stand out from your customers in a way that others aren’t.

What are you waiting for? Claim the expert space in your industry!