Time is a precious thing

July 28, 2011

I’ve noticed that Kiwi’s wear their ‘busy-ness’ almost like a badge of honour… We all make constant laments about how much we have on, or all the things we simply don’t have time for and we compete with our peers as though how time-poor we are is something we’re proud of. However, I propose we stop ‘out busy-ing’ each other for just a moment, and consider this…

Smart people work to their strengths.

Whether that be in business, or their personal lives, successful people know that their time is worth more than doing the hum-drum stuff, or the things they are simply not that good at. Not only do they appreciate the art of delegating, but they are intent on building the best possible team around them in terms of skills, and outsourcing if they need to.

It’s simple to see why this approach works… We all have those jobs that we put off or things that we just don’t do, even though we know we should: ie, running a regular blog or newsletter, using social media, updating our web copy for search and taking the time to really proof-read things so they maintain our professionalism. These can seem like daunting undertakings and are often believed to not contribute directly to the bottom line however, they are integral for successful business and shouldn’t be pushed to the wayside.

Outsourcing these jobs ensures that someone else is taking care of them; you don’t have to toil over them anymore, nor do you need to have the overheads of taking someone else on to deal with them. Using experts is also the only way to make sure that you are achieving the best results for your business, as they can help you find your brand voice and guarantee all your communications are tailored, well-written and error free.

Intelligent Ink works with lots of businesses and individuals that may not have the volume of work or the budget to engage a fulltime expert in-house or a large corporate agency, but that recognise the value of getting the job done right. Give us a call for a free consultation – we can help with some ideas, even if you’re not 100% sure yet on what you need. Then start enjoying the perks of utilising experts and enjoy a wee bit more time to focus on the things that are most important.