Why content is our past, present & future – and what that means for you

April 5, 2017

Lots of changes have been taking place behind the scenes at Intelligent Ink – and we don’t just mean fresh interns or new Inkers. Instead, we’ve changed the way we do things and are focusing on helping our clients control the conversations that they’re having with their audiences. Let us explain…

Intelligent Ink has been doing clever things with words for over six years now (hard to believe!) Although we started off delivering compelling, professional copywriting, and then added a PR arm to our mix, we ended up doing even more than that.

Challenges within the traditional media environment, ever-changing technology and increasing saturation are making it harder than ever for businesses to achieve penetration and set themselves apart – vital ingredients of being able to build a real connection with customers. For this reason, we are putting down our PR tools, and focusing on helping businesses create controlled content.

II relaunchWe genuinely believe that businesses can most effectively communicate when they’re telling interesting and valuable stories – especially when they proactively and strategically drive the conversation that they’re having with their market.

For us, it’s all (still) about uncovering and crafting stories that help people understand what makes a business or brand special and different – stories that enable them to own a niche, take a position, and create authentic connections with customers. From there, we’re partnering with other amazing agencies to help us work magic across their specialty channels.

Whether it be in the blog space, through a printed magazine, online and digital marketing, targeted direct marketing or consistent eDMs, we are driving the channels that our clients can control and own.

Some of you will call this content marketing, but for us that doesn’t go the whole way to explain what makes these types of communications special. If anything, we were doing content marketing before it was “cool” and, now more than ever, we believe in helping clients take a leadership position to win in their competitive environment, by delivering valuable content and empowering them to control how they communicate and connect with their customers.

After all, it’s those who tell the stories that rule the world.


At Intelligent Ink, we love helping you uncover what makes you special and working alongside you to communicate that. Our focus is on delivering valuable content that enables you to control a conversation with the people you need to talk to. To find out more, or take the next step on your content journey, get in touch.