Why use a professional copywriter?

June 26, 2013

Words are powerful, so it’s important to get yours right.

One approach is to tackle this yourself, but before you do, take a look at our compelling reasons to use a professional copywriter, for better business results…

A professional copywriter will help you translate your messages and mission to develop an authentic ‘voice’ for your business and brand. They can help you get the tone right, and keep this consistent across all of your different communications, whether you are sharing your latest case study on the website or writing sales material, social media content or media kit information.

A professional copywriter understands readers and can advise on the best channels to reach your target market effectively. They can also help you tailor your key messages with your audience in mind, so that you achieve your desired outcomes with your communication. That’s right, professional copy gets results.

Lastly, but perhaps the most important benefit, is the professional polish that copywriters bring to written content. Nothing undermines your credibility faster than poorly written content, with grammatical errors or silly spelling mistakes. Ensure your messages are targeted, well written and error-free by, at least, getting them edited by a professional.

Every one of us can write, to some level; we all learnt around the age of five. But the reality is that some people do it all day, every day, so they’ve got better at it. They can do it more quickly, and get a higher quality result. Our Kiwi, DIY culture often blurs the benefits of outsourcing, but leaving key business functions, like copywriting, to the professionals, ensures a superior result while freeing up your time to focus on your key priorities for your business.