You are not alone

October 13, 2011

Four simple words, but according to research, they are the ones most likely to get your email opened or, with any luck, your blog post read. This subject line has been used successfully on emails ranging from personal development to potty training, with a range of others in between.

But why is this one so successful? Nobody wants to be alone. The need to belong and to know that someone is going through the same life experiences is primal, a universal human need.

So, how do you incorporate this idea into compelling copy and engaging email marketing? It’s simple really…

–       Let your reader know that someone is on their side. No matter what your message is or what you’re selling, reminding them that someone understands what they are going through and cares about helping them, will win them over. Back this up with responding to your reader’s needs in your body copy too though.

–       Figure out what kind of reassurance your audience really needs. You must provide what people truly desire to really present a compelling message. There’s no need to psychoanalyse too overtly here either – simply think about what keeps you up at night… What makes you worried, happy, sad, disgusted, afraid? If you’re part of your market, chances are the same will also be true for them.

–       Negativity sells. Another human nature truth is that people will work harder to keep something they have, rather than try to gain something they want. Negative copy that alerts your audience to a potentially serious problem, which you can then address and solve sets you up as being helpful, trustworthy and a worthwhile businessperson to have a relationship with. So do it – take their worries and turn them into a smile.